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Photography Portfolio



Photography by
Michael Offe...

Challenge-12_DSCN5523-edited-sml.JPG (187467 bytes)

Fest_Fireworks_-_Bright_Cross_Over_-_dscn6956.jpg (161697 bytes)
An 8 second exposure of the Willunga
Almond Blossom Festival fireworks display .

DSCN2483-sml.JPG (192764 bytes)
An E-type Jag with a UK body conversion. 
This photo was taken up Old Willunga Hill
at the 2002 Classic Adelaide rally.

Powerful-Not_so_Powerful.jpg (175857 bytes)
Powerful vs. Not so Powerful
The shell on the left is stamped '1942' and was
used in the Grant Tanks, the shell on the
right is a 45 Auto, and by comparison
come out of the factory recently.

Clocks - final - DSCN3298.JPG (197291 bytes)
'Faces of the World'

DSCN3674-Dark Frame sub-sml.JPG (182522 bytes)
'Thistle in Motion'
Taken at night with flash set to
Stroboscopic, so as to get 8 exposures
as the thistle floats away.

Mechanical Pruning.jpg (70754 bytes)
Mechanically Pruning a
Vineyard at Willunga.

Tawny Frogmouths.jpg (62865 bytes)
Tawny Frogmouths...  a native
species of Australia.

Classic_Adelaide_Willunga_DSCN3632.jpg (48979 bytes)
The 2000 Classic Adelaide
coming through Willunga.

Monte_DSCN6681_-_Edited.jpg (165556 bytes)
Monte, our young pure-bread Border Collie.

Paul Videoing- DSCN9616.jpg (55103 bytes)
Paul Videoing an 80th Birthday Party.

Zinnea_Pink_Flower_DSCN5828_sml.jpg (183776 bytes)

Flower_DSCN6046.JPG (117227 bytes)

Flower_DSCN6043.jpg (149348 bytes)

Meteor_Rain_DSCN5810.jpg (163070 bytes)
Rain drops falling at night, caught with a
slow shutter speed & a very strong flash.

Oxy torch and steel filings - DSCN9887.JPG (91784 bytes)

Both the photo above and below, are of
metal fillings falling over an Oxy Torch.

Oxy torch and steel filings 2 - DSCN9885.JPG (61920 bytes)


All these photos are copyrighted to Michael Offe,
and must not be copied or reproduced in any way
or form without prior written permission.

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